As the rookies on the team slurped down the Gatorade/Extacy/Roofie cocktail, the varsity squad looked on with eager anticipation and lust.  Those four rookies were the party favors at tonight’s initiation ceremony.  The rookies holes will be stretched and filled with the cocks of all thirty seven senior team members. 

Best part is they won’t remember a thing.  The rookies will not understand the looks they get when showering after practice.  They won’t understand the itchy, empty feeling they get in their asses.  They won’t know why their teammate’s cocks all look really familiar.  They won’t be able to explain why they get hard-on’s at the smell of the locker room. 

The seniors will all know what it feels like to bury a raw cock in their teammates ass, and at least one of the four rookies will start taking jock cock on a regular basis, without the Roofies.  A gangbang party like this always exposes the beta male bitch of the group.

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