I had been debating with myself for the past thirty minutes,should I rape my roommate? 

When I got home he was passed out on his bed, naked with that hairy ass sticking up.  I knew once my meat slid into him, our time as friends was over.  Once his hole had been opened up, everything would change, he would be my bitch.  I liked my roommate, he was a great guy, but the opportunity to fuck that ass and have it available for the rest of the year, was too much, I was going to give into to my primal, alpha male, urges.

Once I had decided to take his cherry, I was determined to go all out.  He would get my dick, raw and hard.  I would punch into his cunt using spit and brute force.  I also decided to make it a group event.  I took this photo and sent it to eight buddies, all known to my roommate.  I figured that since he was going to be transformed into a cock hungry, pussy boy, it would be easier for him, not to have to “cum out” to his friends.  They would all know his new role around campus, and could use his tight, hairy, hole to get off. 

Plus the idea of gang banging my drunk, virgin roommate got me rock hard.

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