As senior camp counselor, part of his job was to make sure the cum dumps among the junior campers were properly identified and put to good use.  With over a hundred teenage boys stuck here in the woods and no girls for miles, cum dumps were and essential part of the camp experience.  Raging hormones were hard to control unless you gave the boys a way to let off steam. 

He would pick the fags out of the campers and take them to the showers.  Once there, he and the other counselors would pop the fags cherries and gang bang them until they realized how to properly use their holes to service other males.   Once properly trained, they would be introduced to the alpha males in each cabin, to be used as the alpha determine best.  Some alphas kept the fags for themselves, while some shared them with their cabin mates.  

By the end of the summer the counselors and campers had all enjoyed themselves and the fags had learned their place in life with new skills to bring home for the start of the school year.

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