OK, I have been been looking for other platforms for this blog.  As previously stated I am trying BDSLM as the next step.  

BI have been trying to download/backup the blog, but have not been having any luck, tried the tumblr back-up and after four days, got a zip file with nothing readable in it. Tried WordPress and it, so far, has done nothing (just spinning “in progress after three days). Tried Tumblethree, again no usable results.

Started manually downloading to BDSLMR, post by post.  So far I have 170 posts out of 2,720.  

This is not to complain, but to give a heads up.  If there any stories, captions or pictures you want from sausagewithgirth before Tumblr implodes, please save/download them now.  I do not anticipate being able to manually get them all transferred in time.

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