You have been checking me out all day.  I have seen you casting furtive glances at my crotch, hoping to see the budge.  It is obvious that you recognize a superior male in your presence and want to see more.  So now we are alone, and you can stare openly.  I have pulled off my tee shirt and dropped my shorts. My tight body and thickening cock, are exposed for you to see.  In exchange for this opportunity to check me out, I give you two options:

1.  You can get on your knees and crawl over to me.  Opening your mouth and take my manhood inside.  Suck me off until I cum down your throat.

2.  You can get on your hands and knees, turn around and let me ram my eight inch cock up your tight little ass.  If you ask nicely I might even spit on it for lube instead of fucking you dry.

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