Getting the pledges ass nice and red before the gang fuck begins.  The senior members of the frat have already decided that this pledge is not going to make the cut, he just doesn’t have what it takes, too submissive.  Despite his handsome, jock physique, he is a follower, not an Alpha male.   Before he is blackballed and showed to the door, he is going to feel some balls slapping against his now warmed up ass cheeks.  

The pledge does not know he has been rejected yet and is willing to do anything to get into the frat.  He stoically suffers the pain of the frat president’s


cock penetrating him and fucking his tight ass hard.  He obediently follows the directions of the seniors as they tell him to stay bent over, to clench down, to swallow and to take that load.  He suspects that the seniors don’t respect him by the way he is treated.  He sees them pointing at him and laughing while their friends fuck him in the ass.  But he does not really suspect that he is just being used, before being discarded, until they bring in his fellow pledges.  Instructing him to “make these men feel good”.

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