“I suggest you drink that faster, you are going to want to be inebriated for what is about to happen. We are here tonight to act as cum dumps for the entire bar. Every one of these men is going to punch his cock into one of your holes and fuck a load into you.  I was told that tonight is the first step in our re-training as cock hungry, cum thirsty whores.  He told me this was to help us to be better “men”. “

“The guy told me that after we have been used by all of the bars patrons, they will vote on which of us was the best at taking dick.  The “winner” will then get locked into the center stall of the bar’s toilet to be used as a glory hole fag for the next two weeks.  One of us will have our ass strapped against the partition wall, while anonymous men fuck us thru the hole, Our mouth pressed against the opposite glory hole as random cock’s are forced into out throats.  The “winner” will be filled with the cum of strangers, 24 hours a day for the next two weeks.”

“The “loser’s” ass will be safe from taking dick.  It will have a plug shoved in and secured.  The “loser” will then be forced to kneel next to the out of service urinal with a spider gag installed on his mouth.  He will be forced to drink the urine of any man who needs to drain his bladder.  Two weeks of acting as a toilet, drinking warm piss straight from the tap, is meant to inspire the whore to more properly respect and worship a cock that wants to feed it cum.”

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