I am so distracted by the blurred grass!

Is it in the witness protection program?

If so why would it agree to be in a porno?

Is it desperate for money?

Are its wife and kids being held hostage?

Does it need our help?

The grass, which we will call “Kentucky Bluegrass” (not its real name) was just laying there minding its own business, when the leaders of several drug cartels decide to have a “picnic” and re-divide the territories left open by the sudden “disappearance” of several of their colleagues. Since the meeting took place on his “turf”, he may be called upon to testify later.  Until the court date is set Kentucky has been relocated to a safe spot, which just happens to be a notorious cruising ground for gay men (none of the cartel leaders would ever think of looking for Kentucky there}.   Kentucky hope the trial starts soon, he doesn’t know how much more he can take.  The things he has seen!  The fluids that have been unleashed upon him!  These depraved men have grass stains in place where grass stains should never be.

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