“John, what happened last night?”

“Last thing I remember, we were talking about how gay the fags on the swim team looked with their chests shaved.  Then you made me a drink.”  

“I must have gotten really drunk, not to remember.  Did I pass out?  I didn’t do anything stupid, while drunk, did I”

“Who’s Speedo’s are those on the floor, and why are they ripped up?” 

“What is that funny taste in my mouth?”

“What happened to all of the hair on my body?  Are those empty bottles of depilatory cream?”

“Why is my camera set up on the tripod, over by the bed?” 

“Where is my underwear?”

“Are these metal rings on my nipples? I don’t have pierced tits.”

“John, seriously, what happened last night?”

“I am not sure I could describe it properly.  I am afraid I would leave out something important.  Perhaps we should just watch it on You Tube?”

“Oh, look you have over 20,000 views already.”

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