“OK guys, I have him in position, line up.”  His teammates could not help but notice that the small hole they put in Pete’s singlet, before the match, had ripped nicely to expose and give access to his hairy, virgin ass.  They also could not help but notice, that despite all his protests (please don’t do this, I am straight”), Pete had a raging boner stretching out the fabric on the front of his uniform.

It took a while to get Joe’s thick cock fully into Pete’s new cunt, but once Joe started pounding away, Pete opened up nicely.  After Phil and Rich took turns and unloaded in Pete’s ass, Brian found he no longer needed to hold him.  Brian released his grip and Pete kept his legs stretched wide.  It was quickly determined that all of Pete’s singlets needed to be modified to allow easy access to his gaping hole.  

Pete quickly adapted to his new role and never again protested against being filled with wrestler’s meat.  At the end of every “training” session, Pete would get on his hands and knees and lick the mats clean, to insure none of his teammates jizz went to waste, because no matter how hard he clenched down, eight to ten loads of cum were hard to keep inside while grappling and going for position.  The puddle of cum that inevitably would build up under Pete’s dripping hole could not be left to stain the mats.  Being able to lick up his teammate’s sweat was just a bonus.

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