As Steve walked downstairs, he could feel the cum loads sloshing around in his belly.  He spent the last six hours on his knees in the phys ed building toilet sucking off guy after guy.  The day started off normal enough, he went to the gym, did his normal two hour workout.  He hit the toilet on his way out to jerk off, since he was always horny after a good workout. As he sat there stroking himself, thinking about Janet’s big tits, someone went into the stall next to his and sat down. “Damn, I was getting close” Steve thought.  Steve just sat there with his hand wrapped tight around his rigid eight inches.  His cock stayed rock hard waiting for the stroke fest to continue. As he waited he noticed the glory hole between the stalls.  Looking thru he could see the guy in the next stall slowly rubbing his own thick ten incher. Steve was memorized seeing another dude jerk off. The guy stood up suddenly and rammed his cock thru the hole right into Steve’s face.  Steve pulled back, shocked. and looked at the throbbing dick, that just invaded his personal space in a big way.  He then heard the deep commanding voice over the stall divider, “C’mon dude help a guy out”.  Without thinking, Steve reached out and wrapped his hand around this anonymous cock. “Oh yeah, that’s it,  faggot, stroke me”.  Steve felt the meat in his hand throb and pulse, it was so big and rigid.  As he processed the word faggot, he stopped and let go of the guys dick, realizing what he was doing.  The guy in the next stall, pulled his cock out of the hole and shouted, “What the fuck, you can’t stop, you were just getting started”.  Steve saw the guy start to bend over to look thru the hole.  He immediately hugged the partition as far from the hole as he could to avoid being seen. “Aw, are you a shy faggot?  Still in the closet?  Don’t worry I won’t out you…as long as you start sucking my dick.  I need to dump a load”. The cock came back thru the hole.  “C’mon fag, wrap your lips around my meat and start sucking”,  Steve was panicked, he did not know what to do.  He did not want to be this guy’s cocksucker, but if he got up and left, the guy would see him and know who he was.  He sat there staring at the thick cock in front of him, unsure of his next move.  “If I don’t feel your mouth wrapped around my cock before I finish counting down, I am going to drag your ass out into the weight room and make you get on your knees, in front of everyone, to suck me off”.

“Five,… four,… three,… two….”  

Steve quickly grabbed the cock and gave it a lick.  He then opened his mouth and took the strangers dick inside.  It was hot, and felt like steel covered in flesh. Steve wanted to get this over with quickly and sneak out of the toilet.  He thought about the girls who had given him blow jobs and what he enjoyed about it.  So he wrapped his teeth with his lips and started sucking, while moving his tongue on the shaft.  He heard a load moan from the next stall.  “That’s a good fag”.  He kept at it for the next ten minutes, getting the cock wet with spit, and getting it deeper and deeper into his throat.  Obeying instructions from the other side of the partition on how to improve his cock sucking skills. He had built up a good rhythm, when he heard the door to the bathroom slam open.

 “Bryan, what’s taking so long, lets go!”  

“Dude, relax, I am getting a glory hole blowjob.  Gimme a minute, I am almost there”.

“Really? Is he any good?  I could dump a load.”

“He is getting better.  He takes instruction well.  Oh, yeah, here it comes, uh…..uh…uh…fuck….ahhhh!  That’s it faggot, swallow my load, and clean up my cock”

As Bryan’s cock pulled out of his mouth and back thru the hole, Steve realized what he had just become.  He was the world’s newest cock sucker.  He stayed there on his knees, tasting another guys jizz in his mouth.  His brain slowly catching up with the current situation.  Then another cock slid thru the glory hole and right into his now pre-lubed mouth.  “Here you go fag, another dick for you to play with.  I got a couple of day’s load in my balls just for you.”  This guys cock was a little thinner than Bryan’s thick tubesteak. As Steve was sucking away on his second cock, he heard the bathroom door open and close. Bryan leaving, fully satisfied with his unexpected blow job.  

“Oh shit…here it comes…yeah….yeah….oh yeah…., ahhhh…!

Steve swallowed the majority of the load, but it just kept coming, some of the jizz dripped out the sides of his mouth.  Finally, this ordeal was over.  he would let this guy leave then sneak out.  He heard the stall door open and the guy he just sucked leave.  As the door was closing, he heard more voices, “Bryan said there is a fag in here giving blow jobs, that true?”

“Yeah, he is in the last stall, just form a line.”

Steve must have swallowed forty to fifty loads before the line was done.  His jaw was sore, his lips puffy and his normally tight, flat stomach is bulging out further than he has ever seen it.  Finally there had been no movement outside the stall for about five minutes.  Steve knew this was his chance to sneak away.  He wiped as much cum off his face as he could, and opened the bathroom door.  He could see some of his friends working out in the weight room.  His roommate was there as well.  Steve could not help wondering if any of the guys he knew had shot a load in him today.  Had he sucked off a friend, his roomie?  He could never face them again if they found out what he had done in the gym toilet. 

As Steve walked past the weight room entrance, everyone stopped what they were doing, looked straight at him and applauded.

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