“Just in time bro,  I’ve got a weeks worth of ball juice built up and I need to get off.  Since the new rules indicate I cannot dump a massive, oversize load of my thick creamy, jizz in the shower drain, I plan on dumping it in you.”

“No, you really don’t have a choice in the matter, bend over”

“Of course…trust me, I won’t tell the rest of the dorm that you take it up the ass raw. None of them are likely find out your my personal cum dump”.

“Of course, someone might have heard your screaming  echoing off the shower walls as you took my meat.  The guys might observe the smell of my piss on your breath or my loads dripping out of your stretched out cunt as you walk back to your room, naked. But don’t worry, even if they see my pecker spit on your thighs, or see the red hand print on your right cheek, I am sure they won’t want a turn fucking you.  I mean think about it, why would a dorm full of horny young men care that your tight, recently virgin hole is now a receptacle for cock and cum.”

“No, I am sorry, but can’t let you wash up.  The new rules state that I cannot let my semen enter the drains, therefore you must keep it inside you until it gets absorbed.” 

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