Skipped class today.  Walked in to our room and found my roommate viewing gay porn.  Stood there for a moment watching, since he did not hear me come in.  Then I did what any man would, I walked over to him while unzipping my jeans, jumped on top of him and pulled the back of his tight briefs to the side and shoved my cock in him.  He started to protest, so I covered his mouth with my hand, while I fucked him in the ass.  He was really tight, guess I got his cherry. Once I dumped two loads in him, I pulled out with a wet plop sound, stood up, walked in front of him, and shoved my still hard ten incher into his mouth and had him suck me clean.  Zipped up and walked away without another word.

It has been a couple of days since the “incident”, we have not said a word to each other about what happened, but I have fucked him six more times.

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