He’d spotted the kid fifteen minutes ago, low-key following him around the store, checking him out when the dude thought he wasn’t looking. Looked young, maybe a high school senior. Jock, to be sure. Good-looking kid. He remembered what it was like, being that age, wanting something so bad, but not sure how to sack up and go after it.

His girlfriend was saying something, but he hadn’t heard a word. Too busy scoping out the kid’s well-developed back, the high, round curves of his tight jockboy ass in his basketball shorts. The kid looked over his shoulder and caught his hungry, determined glance. Blushed, but smiled too.

Yeah, now you’re getting there, he thought to himself, giving the kid a quick, subtle nod and smile.

“…sale on sheets and towels on the third floor,” he heard her saying, tuning in like he hadn’t missed a single word. “You probably don’t want to hang around up there while I look. Can I leave you for a little bit? I won’t be long, I promise.”

Bullshit, he thought to himself as he smiled at her.

“I’ll go get a coffee or something,” he said. “Take your time, and just text me when you’re done.”

“Thanks baby, you’re the best,” she said with a pleased smile.

“Don’t you forget it,” he said with a wink, giving her ass a squeeze as she headed for the escalators. A nice ass, sure. But the jock kid had an even better one.

The kid was pretending to be real interested in a rack of polo shirts when he passed him, headed for the entrance to the food court. He locked eyes with the dude, a longer, unmistakable look. Nodded his head in the direction he was headed. The kid blushed hard again, looked around like he couldn’t believe he’d been picked for the team or something, and smiled almost hesitantly.

He looked over his shoulder as he strode confidently towards the store entrance. The kid was dropping the polo shirt he’d picked up back on the table, and following, still blushing, but picking up his pace a little.

Good boy, he thought to himself with a grin, as he made for the restrooms on the other side of the food court. Let’s do this.

I know what he is thinking. He is thinking he is going to get the blow job that his girlfriend no longer provides. Ever since the engagement was announced, she has been cooler to him, telling him she wants to wait for their wedding night to make it more special. He thinks because he is a little older and a little stronger that he is going to be the one in charge. I love that.

I followed him into the men’s room, and saw him enter the last stall. I stood next to the stall and listened to him unzip his jeans. I pushed on the unlatched door, and it swung open enough for me to slip in with him.

He looked a bit confused when I pointed to him then to the floor in front of me, signalling him to get on his knees. He shook his head, no. I slapped his face, and pointed to the floor again. He shook his head again, so I slapped his face and pointed to the floor again. He was not a fast learner. 

He put his hand on my shoulder to try to push me down, but I grabbed it and slammed him face first into the cool, tile wall. He did not notice that I had also slipped his wallet out of his pocket.

“You’re getting on your knees and sucking me off, bitch. If you don’t, I will blast my cum all over you. You can figure out how to explain that to your girlfriend,” I whispered in his ear. As I slowly released him from the wall, I pushed him down to his knees. I unzipped my own jeans and pulled out my cock.

He recoiled a bit when he saw it. Yeah, I know. Bigger than you expected. Not my problem. I put my hand on his head and pulled his face into my crotch. He did not open his mouth, so I slapped him again. He is going to have half a red face if he does not start cooperating. I pried his mouth open and I slid my cock onto his tongue. I spit on him a few times to make sure he was wet enough. I have to admit, I am not a great aim, so most of my spit ended up on his face instead of in his mouth. With my cock inside him, he surrendered. I grabbed his head and pulled it roughly into my crotch.

After a few minutes of sucking, he had me fully hard, but he still had not taken my cock fully into his throat. I was sure that we were still alone in the bathroom, so I turned him so he had his back to the wall. I thrust my pelvis forward until his head was against the tile. I repositioned my feet, then pounded my cock all the way into his throat.

There is a noise that most cocksuckers make when you force your cock into their throats, and he made it. I also heard the thud as the back of his head hit the wall. I pounded harder and deeper. He gagged and choked, then finally his throat spewed a load of slime. His blue sweater was soaked, but he was not thinking about that. His full concentration was on my cock as it was headed back to his throat. He gagged a few more times before he figured out my rhythm and learned to breathe when his airway was open.

It only took me a minute or so before my balls were boiling. I let him get a taste of my cum before I pulled out and blasted the second shot into his face. Three smaller shots went into his crew cut. With my hand, I smeared my cum all over his face and hair before wiping my hand off on the back and sleeve of his sweater. His dick was rock hard, pointing up at me, but untouched.

I slipped my cock back into my jeans, zipped up, and slipped out the stall door to the sink. I looked in the mirror as I was washing my hands to see him emerge. He was a mess. His entire head was soaked with sweat, spit and cum. His sweater had clearly been in some sort of accident, and the front of his jeans were dark from the wetness.

He stood in front of another sink, grabbing it by the sides, and bending over so he was looking straight into the drain. He was coughing, and I saw snot dripping from his mouth and nose into the sink. He turned the water on and washed his face, but there was not much he could do about the rest of his head. There were no towels, only air driers. I walked over to him, gave him a hard spank on his ass, and said “You’re welcome,” as I headed out the door.

I went to the food court and bought myself a burger, fries, and a drink with his cash. Then I wrote my cell number on the receipt and wrapped it around the ten from my change, putting it in his wallet where a twenty had been. As I finished eating, I saw him come out of the bathroom looking at his phone. His under shirt was gone, probably used to clean himself up. His sweater was wet, but uniformly so. He must have rinsed it then wrung it out. Only his jeans looked messed, but given the state of the rest of him, they did not look out of place.

I gave him a minute before I chased after him. He was standing there with his girlfriend explaining a bad sink in the bathroom had soaked him. 

“I think you dropped this, Sir,” I said to him as I approached, holding out his wallet. He froze with that deer in the headlights look, but took the wallet from me. Yeah, I called him sir, but it was to throw off his girlfriend. He knew I was the only man there.

“Is anything missing?” His girlfriend asked him.

He looked through it, noticing the ten and my number. “No, it’s all here,” he lied to her.

“Thank you so much!” Assured that I had not taken his cash or credit cards, she was suddenly very nice to me. “Give him something as a thank you for not taking anything,” she instructed him, completely unaware that I had taken her man’s manhood.

“That’s not necessary, miss,” I said to her as I smiled. I winked at him and walked away.

I had gotten rather far away when he came up behind me. Alone. He handed me me back the ten and the receipt. “I do not want this,” he said.

“I do not care what you want. Call me at 6:00 tomorrow, and I will tell you where to meet me. I want your ass, too. Unlike you, I get what I want.” He put the money and paper back in his wallet. I turned, smiled and waived at his girlfriend. ”Now get out of here. I will see you tomorrow.”

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