Alone on a Saturday night, Billy, gets high and rubs one out into his tighty whities while watching gay porn.  

He does not see John, his next door neighbor filming the whole thing thru the window.  John knocks on his door and shows his stoned white trash neighbor the video of him stroking his cock to a video of a fag getting gangbanged.  Tells him if he does not want this posted online, he needs to suck some cock.  Since Billy is high, horny and in no position to refuse, he pulls John’s ten incher out of his sweatpants and starts sucking.

The next night John brings over some friends and they take turns opening up Billy’s tight cunt, shooting load after load into his hole.  They don’t even make him strip, the guys just rip a hole in the back of his briefs.

By the end of the week Billy is a cum whore, getting fucked by most of the guys in the trailer park.  He just lays face down on the bed while men line up to fuck his ass.  His neighbor John collects five bucks from every guy who dumps a load in Billy.  Billy gets 25 cents for every fuck.  He uses the money to buy new Fruit of the Looms down at Walmart, since all his have huge holes in them.

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