John was a new member of the football team.  He was also a frat rat, but he had forgotten to bring a keg to that night’s frat party.  He had a met some girl, got to talking, and forgot all about the beer as he arranged for a date and got a good-bye kiss.

Here, he gets his appropriate paddling punishment.  Bent over, no pants, wearing a jock like all good frat rats, John made it through 25 paddles.  He hadn’t had to do that since back when he was a pledge. 
That’s when he learned that for him, the punishment was 25 paddles by EACH of the frat brothers.

He barely made it through the second set of 25 paddles without crying, the pain was so intense, as seen in the gif.

After the third frat brother got into position and started to paddle, John started begging for him to stop, saying that he’d do anything to make up for his party foul.

“Well, we do need a cum dump,” said the third frat brother as he delivered another blow.

John didn’t know what that was.  He lasted two more paddles, before spitting out “Okay, okay, I’ll do it.  I’ll do it if you stop.”

Shrugging, the third frat brother said “Okay by me.”

And just in time.  Guests were starting to arrive.  They led John to the special room and fastened his legs apart to eye hooks at the bottom of the wall to keep his ass spread wider.

“What the hell?” asked John.

Ignoring him, they opened the extra large hole behind him, had him bend over, made sure his ass would extend slightly into the opening, and tightly fastened his waist to the wall.  His hole could thus be easily accessed from the other side, and he was prevented from pulling away from any cock finding its way up his ass, whether he was bent over or standing up on his tippy-toes.

They explained to him about the handles on the wall in front of him, and on the wall behind him, that he could use to hold on to for balance or for support.

Then they left him, still in his jacket and jock, thanking him for volunteering to be the night’s entertainment. 

“Wait, what?” said John, not understanding what was going on.  He squealed as he felt a tube of lube being injected up his ass.

He was in a small, enclosed room.  With the door closed and the music blaring, and his ass blocking the hole behind him, no one could hear anything from inside his room, even as John shouted to be released.  Not one to pass up a good show, the frat recorded the events in the room and thus go to see how much John enjoyed the first cock to ever enter his ass.  The guy took his time, starting with a finger.  John didn’t really understand how much consideration he was actually being given.

Eventually, with his legs spread wide and standing on his tippy-toes, sure enough he could not prevent the cock going balls deep.  Captured forever on the computer and uploaded to the national frat website, John’s ass lost its virginity to an anonymous, long, cut cock.  His eyes wide open, panting as the cock began to fuck, John could only give frightened moans to each little thrust.  John would never know that it was the pledgemaster who took his cherry.  It would only be much later that he knew to be wholeheartedly grateful that that anonymous first cock had impaled him comparatively gently.  This was due to his having given up his ass to the pledgemaster, who had always liked John and hoped to fuck John again without the need for a gloryhole wall.

John did give thanks that no one knew it was John in the room and that it was his ass that was being used as a fucktoy.  Of course, he did not know that a photo of him was available for any man considering making use of the gloryhole if they wanted to know who was being bred.

John sure didn’t like taking cum load after cum load up his ass, but he couldn’t do much about it anymore.  Besides, he knew he couldn’t handle any more paddling. 

Since no one was coming to release him, he knew people outside likely couldn’t hear him. Giving a running commentary made John feel better.  “Oh, god.  Not another cock.  I can feel it inside me. I think it’s longer than the last one. 

“Oh fuck what the hell?  How can he fuck that fast?  I can feel his balls slapping hard against mine.

“Oh shit.  It feel like he’s getting close.  Please just pull out. I don’t want another load inside me.  Makes me feel like a faggot.  Please pull out.  Oh.  Damn.  He’s still all the way in.”

His commentary made for great, repeatable movies.   His would be called “Gloryhole Adventures: How John’s Chose To Be a Gay Slut.”  

All might have gone well, but John had forgotten he had invited the whole football team to the party.  As a group, they weren’t smart enough to follow simple instructions well; one opened the wrong door.  Bent over, someone’s cock going all the way in his ass and then all the way out, John turned his head to see who had opened the door
rather than opening the anonymous side, hoping it meant his release.  He yelped and almost broke free when John saw it was one of his fellow football players.

“Wow, John, didn’t know you took it up the ass.  Personally, I think I’d rather have a blow job.”  Closing the door behind him, the player situated himself in front of John and rested against the wall opposite the gloryhole being used.  (This other wall was also an oral gloryhole wall, but that hole was not being used that evening). 

The player pulled John’s face up.  John was trying to yell “No!” through tightly shut lips.  The football player used his hands to make John open his mouth, and then began giving John instruction on how to give a man a blowjob without John risking being beaten into a pulp.

One thing was clear; the player had no qualms about receiving a long, sloppy blowjob.  Again, John was luckier than he knew.

“Damn, it sounds like you’re still protesting, but at least you’re now making my dick feel good.   And you know?  It’s kind of hot seeing you take some anonymous cock up your ass while you’re pleasuring my dick.  I wonder if it’s another guy on the team?“

John learned to appreciate the handles on the wall in front of him, as they helped to support him as he was forced to bob up and down on the man’s cock.

And a short time later, John got to hear “Oh, yeah.  I’m cumming.  Be ready to swallow it all.  Always swallow.  Just keep at it once I start… Now.  Ohhh.  Yeah.  Keep swallowing.  Take it all.  Be a good cocksucker.  There you go.  Let me feel you sucking.  Ohhhh.” 

And a few short thrusts later, after the spurting subsided, the player continued, “Good boi, drinking it all down.  Not that I gave you much choice, I guess.”

Petting John’s head, he continued, “Yeah, just keep sucking.  A few more drops always come out.  Who would have known you have the making of a good cocksucker.  And hell, you’re on the third cock up your butt since I’ve been here.  I bet you’d make a fucking great pig.  Tell you what.  I’ll let the other guys know it’s you in here, and you want the practice.  Wonder what end they’ll pick…“ As he pulled out and quickly pulled up his pants.

“Wait, no please.  Don’t tell anyone…” was all he got out before the door shut, and he got to feel the cock up his ass begin to spurt its load.

It was a very long night for John.  From the comments made by the ones he was forced to give a blowjob to, the whole team was using him, though those using his ass were also the other party guests.  Even his Coach came in.  His coach made John worship and lick the coach’s balls before he was allowed to swallow coach dick.

Coach was also more verbal.

“Ah, you fucking faggot.  Take that cock.  Takes a real man-pussy to do it right.  Didn’t know you were such a fucking pig.  Your mouth – my cock.  They belong together.  Now I know why you joined the team.  Just keep bobbing up and down.  Make me feel your lips on my shaft.  There’s those teeth again.  I’m going to have to find a suitable punishment each time that happens.  Oh fuck, I need to take over fucking your mouth and go faster.  This feels too good,” as the Coach began skullfucking the hapless player.

“C’mon boi.  Show me how much you want to swallow my cum.  You want to stay on the team, right?  Or should I tell your frat president you were being uncooperative.  Oh yeah, that’s it.  Here it cums, boi.  A whole load of daddy coach cum.  My sperm are the best.  Enjoy the flavor as you swallow it down…”

Once Coach had stopped shooting his ball juice into John, he continued, “Oh, that was good.  You show real promise.  But, truth be told, I was looking to take a piss and I thought this was the loo.  So do me a solid, would ya?  I don’t want to have to go looking for it again.  You’ve already got my cock in your mouth.  I promise I’ll keep it as slow as I can.  You are thirsty, aren’t you? 

“Here it comes.  Just a little. Give you a taste.  You don’t like it?   Well, I still need to go, and what else you got to do?  Here’s some more….”  Eventually, the coach felt sufficiently emptied, and John was no longer thirsty.

On the frat’s side, John would never forget to bring a keg to a party ever again.  The frat’s reputation stayed intact and they had a lot of positive reviews, like “I was happily relieved to have gone to their party.”  “That party was tight!  I’m glad I came.”

As such, John was told his atonement was adequate and that it allowed him to stay in the frat.

On the football team’s side, Coach decided John’s best position on the team was bent over his desk, struggling to take Coach’s cock up his bum.  That way, he’d get a load of Coach’s babymakers in his guts while sucking down the virile cum shooting from the cock of the Assistant Coach.

The Coach was a fair-minded individual though.   He had John strip, and then brought him in front of the team.  He told the whole team that John’s official position on the team was “Cum Dump” and they could use John any time they wanted to, except during games or practice.  

The team didn’t need to be told twice.

John thought, “At least they don’t mind if I cum.”  Then he found out that the team had agreed that John would “get” to buy dinner for the man or men who had been using him at the very time John shot, by way of thanking them.  And then John would “get” to go home and spend the night with him (or them!), doing whatever that player or those players wanted.

No, the team didn’t mind at all if he came.

Consequently, he tried never to touch himself, but after the third cock up his ass rubbed against his prostate, he almost always got hard.  And despite his straight inclination, after about the tenth cock, he would usually shoot.

But there were those times after practice that he didn’t shoot.  Then, he would have to go home with the coach.  Sometimes the assistant coach would also stop over, if the assistant coach could come up with a good enough excuse for his wife.  And on days with no practice or games, usually Sundays, John spent the night at the frat.  There, John found his room had been cleaned out and that he had to sleep with the pledgemaster. 

He never did have time for that girl he met.  But no matter. John still got to hear all the moans and screams he could ask for.  It’s just that they came from him, while the sounds of pleasure were coming from whichever pledgemaster, frat rat, or football player owned the cock he was currently satisfying.

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