Pete always tried to shower at odd hours to insure he was alone.  He was embarrassed about the boner on he got every time he used the communal shower.  He could not help it, the idea of all of his dorm mates lathering themselves up made his dick hard.

He got away with it for the first few weeks of school, then his suite mates said something and soon some of the guys were making sure to wait until Pete was alone showering and join him.  At first it was just to fuck with him, but over time they kept catching him looking at their junk with a hard on, and they figured out that he needed to do more than look. Now Pete rarely gets to shower alone, and more often than not ends up dirtier during and after the shower than before.  He has discovered that it is hard to remove cum from wet hair, so it is better for the guys to shoot their loads internally, if possible.

Even though know he is a shower cum dump for the dorm, they still kid him about the tile pattern embossed on his knees whenever he returns from showering.

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