He had always thought of himself as an Alpha male, the guy in charge.  He learned how wrong he was once I got him in handcuffs.  While he was coming to grips with his new role in life, and swallowing a huge load of my jizz, I sat on him and played with his nipples. I told him that as a straight male, he may have more difficulty learning to properly serve as a cum dump, but that I would walk him thru it and help him be the best hole he can be.  He struggled at first, especially when I was locking up his cock in a chastity cage, but eventually, he learned his place.  His training took long hours of work, and eventually proved to be to much for me alone, so I enlisted the help of some of his “friends”.   I am not sure if he ever enjoyed it, but he did eventually learn to properly service men’s cocks. 

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