This is the moment my friend becomes a cocksucker. As soon as his lips wrap around my meat, his life will change forever.  He might not realize what this means, but I do.  He will no longer be my friend, he will become nothing more than a hole to use.  I mean, how can you be friends with someone who gets on their knees and sucks a load of cum from your balls.  That’s low. 

If he is good at it, I will have to tell the rest of the guys.  It would not be right to keep this to myself.  Soon the whole team will be lining up to shoot a load down his throat. 

At some point we will sacrifice his ass cherry. After all twenty horny jocks can’t be expected to wait in line for his mouth, when his hot ass is open and ready.  He will be spit roasted daily, taking huge loads of jock jizz in his holes over and over.  He will be the locker room cum dump.

My “friends” life is never going to be the same.  Thankfully he did not think about his actions too deeply when I asked him to help a buddy out.

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