It started out innocent enough, just two bros sharing a bed, since all the other rooms/couches in the house were occupied.

However during the night Steve’s sleeping mind and resting body realized that his buddy was a beta male, and was ripe for cherry picking. His subconscious knew what his conscious mind did not… it’s part of the natural order for the alphas of the world to seek out the betas.  Millions of years of evolution has determined our roles. Men always find the natural hierarchy amongst themselves. The superior males amongst us should seek out and control those who serve. Its not about gay or straight, its about power and the need an alpha male has to dominate the weaker members.  Alphas are evolutionally trained to spread their seed by breeding as many holes as possible. His buddy is a bottom, and his mind and body can smell it on him.  

While they slept their bodies moved and shifted, Steve’s moved closer to his buddy Pete, while Pete rolled onto his side exposing his ass to his friend Steve.  Steve’s cock became fully hard and started leaking precum, while Pete’s hole started twitching.  Both of their sleeping minds and bodies doing what they knew was right and natural, but would be suppressed when they were awake.

By morning they will have moved into a tight spoon position, with Steve’s boxer brief covered cock pressing tightly into Pete’s tighty whitey covered ass.

As they awake, the cultural training that their minds have received since birth (men don’t fuck their male friends) will reassert itself. and they will separate their intertwined bodies.  Pete will pretend to ignore Steve’s raging boner, and Steve will look away as Pete pulls his underwear out of his ass crack. They will make some awkward jokes about the situation and get dressed quickly.

However the need is still there, just below the surface, and at some point in the near future they will let their guards down.  Most likely they will both be drunk. They will make some excuse and find themselves alone together again.  Once this happens evolution will win.  Steve will harvest Pete’s cherry and fill him with his superior cum, as nature intended.  Their bodies be happy and satisfied and their minds will be at peace as they both take their natural positions in life as dominant top and submissive bottom.

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