The rookie immediately assumed the position when he heard the code word spoken by the two seniors who had made him their bitch last weekend.  He knew he was expected to be on all fours with his ass pointing towards the jocks, no matter where he was when they spoke the code word.  Even in the middle of the locker room after the game, surrounded by his teammates.  As he knelt there fully exposed to his fellow players, he knew the two seniors were going to fuck him there in front of everyone.  Once his friends saw that he had been turned out,  he had no doubt they would step up and use his ass.  He knew deep down that having a hole to use would be more important to them than his friendship.  By the end of the day he would no longer be a valued member of the team and a equal teammate, he would be the locker room cum dump, with dozens of fresh creamy loads dripping out of his gaping jock cunt. 

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