My former friend was doing ok.  He had learned to cover his teeth, to suck gently, to caress the balls.  All in all, not bad for his first time taking dick.  I had let him go at his own pace to get used to the fact that he was no longer a man, he was now my cocksucker.  He seemed to enjoy the taste of my meat and the feel of it on his tongue.  So far he was only servicing the first couple of inches afraid to go balls deep.

Enough is enough.  He needs to learn what it means to service a real man.  He needs to know its not about his pleasure…. its all about how good he can make my cock feel when it is inside of him.  Its time to grab his head forcefully, hold him in place, and give him a serious skull fucking.  Time to fully remove all resistance.  Time to remove his gag reflex.

By the time I dump a load in his mouth, he will understand fully that we are no longer friends and that I don’t give a damn about his feelings,  He will be a tear stained, cum covered mess with a throat trained to take cock any way a man wants to give it.

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