Woke up this morning, in the living room, with a strange taste in his mouth and sore muscles.  He hurt all over, like from a really strenuous workout.  Could not remember what happened the night before.  

Then he noticed the porn playing on the television.  It was gay porn?  Massive cocks sliding in and out of tight holes, both mouth and ass.  He recognized some of the men in the video.  His teammates were taking turns raping the ass of a well built dude in red sweatpants.  He stood there mesmerized by the sight of his buddies forcing their cocks into this jock bitch.  As the screen showed a close up of the bitches mouth getting filled with man meat, you could see the guy’s balls tightening up and getting ready to shoot.  The cock pulls out and sprays creamy white jizz all over the bitches face….his face.  He sees himself smile and lick his lips before the next one of his teammates slides his cock into his willing mouth.

He cannot look away.  The video goes on for hours.  Cock after cock blowing loads into him. He is stunned, how did this happen?  The last thing he remembers is sitting around with his teammates talking about fucking Betty, the head cheerleader, last weekend. He told them how he had gotten his hands on some roofies and how it made her more willing to fuck.  
Then, suddenly, it all clicked in his mind, he remembers having his beer roofied and being forced to drink it down.  Then seeing his teammates strip and start feeding him cock.  The rest of the night remained hazy, but the video (and the cum dripping down his thighs) seemed to tell the story about what occurred.  

He re-starts the video from the beginning and starts jerking his rigid boner, while noticing the empty feeling in his ass.

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