Pete was my main rival for the role of captain of the swim team.  He was not as good of a swimmer as I was, but he had a certain leadership quality that made people want to follow him.  Unfortunately he was also a bully.  Since I was in the way of him becoming captain, he often picked on me.  Nothing too physical, shoving me against the lockers as he went by.  Mostly it was just verbal taunts like calling me a fag, or saying I was less of a man.  He quickly called out any mistake I made and generally made my life hell.  

When I found him passed out in the garbage behind the dorm, the morning after a big kegger, I knew my moment to get even had “cum”.  I quickly whipped out my cock and was about to take a piss on him, when I thought of a better idea.  I stroked my cock over his face, while taking video on my phone.  As I shot my load on his face, I kept expecting him to wake up, but he just laid there unconscious, his face, covered in my spooge.  Once done, I zipped up and walked away.

Later in my room, I printed out some still pics from the video.  They were perfect, Pete was clearly identifiable as my jizz rag, while I remained anonymous.  I knew  I had the means of my revenge on the bully.  I put the three best photos in an envelope with a note of instructions. and slipped it into his locker at the gym.

I made sure to get to practice early, to see his face when he opened the envelope.  As he pulled out the pics his face went pale.  He quickly shoved them back in the envelope and pulled out the note.

“Pete, you worthless cum dump.  Your days of bullying are over.  unless you want these photos posted where everyone can see, you will do the following:
1.  Shave off all your hair below the neck. including your pits and pubes.  
2.  Stop wearing underwear.  for the rest of the semester you go commando.
3.  Be nice to everyone.  No pushing guys around, no calling people names.  And from now on you will address any male speaking to you as Sir.”

Do these things or you will be put on display as a bitch other men use to catch their loads.”

As Pete sat on the bench, with a look of horror on his face, I knew I had him.

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