You walk in on your roommate while he is watching gay porn and exposing his tighty whitey clad ass.  Your next move is:

A.  You quietly back out of the room before he knows you were there, respecting his privacy.

B.  You clear your throat letting him know you are in the room and have seen his taste in porn.  You then inform him that his sexual preference is his own business and you will respect that, letting him come out if, and when, he is ready.

C.  You make some noise, grab the sweatshirt off your bed and leave the room, pretending you did not see the hard, raw, and very gay, gang bang porn on the screen.  You hope that if you ignore this incident, you won’t have to acknowledge that you are rooming with a cock hungry fag.

D.  You walk right up behind him, pull out the chair and bend him over the desk.  You then rip a hole in the back of his tighty whiteys and ram your thick cock deep into his virgin ass as hard as you can, showing him that you are the man in this room and that he is only useful as a hole in which to dump a load of your alpha cum.  To reinforce the fact that only your pleasure matters, you fuck him dry, with only a little spit for lube, while he stares at the tub of Vaseline on the desk inches from his face.

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