Sometimes you just gotta let the big boy out for some fresh air.  It feels good.

The feeling of release is made even better when your roommate walks in and sees you.  He stops and stares.  His mouth is open and his eyes are trained on your big slab of meat.  He recovers and looks away, but it is too late, you have seen his true nature.

Now it is time to “help” your roommate figure out his place in the grand scheme of things.  Time to show him that his role in life, and in this apartment, is to serve real men.  To make his holes available for the alpha males of the world to use.  To become a receptacle for superior cum.  To do whatever it takes to have the juice from their balls pumped into or onto his body.  In short his role in life is to be fucked.

As you walk over to him, your exposed cock leading the way, you start to tell him about what is going to be expected of him from now on.  He looks shocked, but offers no resistance as you place your hands on his shoulders and push downwards.  As he sinks to his knees, you thrust your hips forward slightly so the precum leaking from your dick, smears across his lips.  Your hands move from his shoulders to the back of his head, applying just enough pressure that he cannot pull away.  His eyes still locked on the cock in front of him, pushing against his lips.
You stay in that position for a minute or two.  When he finally looks up and makes eye contact, you smirk and push forward, letting out a small moan of pleasure as your cock pushes thru his lips and slides into your roommates warm, wet mouth. 

After several hours of showing your roommate the proper way to service a cock, you dump a massive load of cum (the fifth, he has taken from you) into his new cunt.  Pulling out, you have him suck your cock clean before tucking it back into your grey Calvins.  You pat him on the head and walk out, leaving him stunned, aware of his new role in life and dripping with your jizz.

Every once in a while you just gotta let it out for some air.

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