It was summer break and we were all putting in time at the gym to make sure we were in shape for the start of the season.  When Joe and Steve, my rivals for the position of starting quarterback, suggested I stay late, so they cold help me get bigger and stretch out my muscles, I took it as a sign that they had decided to put an end to our rivalry and work together for the good of the team.  We spent the next hour working out and joking around.  We spotted each other and encouraged each other to push our usual routines harder.  It felt good to be working out with my teammates.The rest of the guys finished up, while the three of us kept going, enjoying ourselves and having a good time.   Once the rest of the team had showered and left the gym, the whole mood of my “friends” changed, and they became harder and more aggressive.

Joe and Steve did indeed want to put an end to our rivalry, but they intended to end it by showing me that they were superior to me.  They referred to themselves as alpha males meant to run the team, and I was nothing but a beta male, or as they called me, a bitch.  Soon they were pushing me around and grabbing at me.  Before long they had ripped my tee shirt and shorts off, leaving me wearing only sneakers and a jock.  As they were working me over they told me that I was far inferior to them, not fit to be the quarterback and leader.  They laughed at me and said that there were better ways for me to serve the guys on the team.  Ways that would relax the guys and let them play better.

As far as my “friend’s” offer to help me get bigger and stretched out, they were not referring to my muscles.  They were talking about my ass, or as they now called it, my new pussy.

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