The first few days of spring break were great, sun, drinking, friends, girls in bikinis.  Everything was like he dreamed it would be.  Then on the third night, everything changed.  Pete got really drunk and ended up entering the in the wrong room at the motel.  He passed out on a bed after losing his pants in the middle of the room. 

After an hour, the actual occupants of the room, four football players from Iowa stumbled in after a night of drinking and being turned down by hot college girls.  Being horny, frustrated and drunk they saw Pete’s bubble butt sticking up, and quickly decided that his hole was going to be violated to allow them to get off and release the built up cum in their balls.

Pete was shocked into full sober consciousness as the first thick eight inch cock penetrated his tight virgin hole.  He struggled, but was quickly shown that he was no match for four horny jocks intent on using him as a fleshlight.  He gave up struggling after they all dumped a load inside him and started on the second round.  He just hoped that they would be done soon, so he could leave.  What Pete did not realize is that the jocks knew a lot of other guys who would like to dump a load, when they were unable to hook up.  One of the football players was a business major and quickly came up with a plan to charge a small fee to use Pete’s holes.  The guys went along with the plan, since it meant that their spring break was going to be fully paid for by whoring him out.

Pete spent the next five days in the motel room face down on the bed, while over a hundred horny college dudes fucked him and filled him with cum.  He went home at the end of the week exhausted, pale and sore, his new cunt gaping open and able to take even the largest of cocks.  

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