“Relax, you have been way to tense lately.  And your lack of focus is hurting the team.  You need to figure out your priorities and your true direction in life.  Then everything will fall into place and you will be happy.  The team is tired of covering up for your mistakes, because you are distracted, and very tired of listen to you whine about your girlfriend.  I know this cheating rumor thing with your girlfriend has you real worked up, but I know how to make your girlfriend problem go away.  Step one is to accept that she is an unfaithful slut.  She fucks other guys behind your back.”  I started to rub his shoulders as he was listening to what I had to say.

“Relax, your tensing up again.  Here have a drink.”

“If you want to relax and find your focus, you need to listen to me.  She cheats on you. No, its not a rumor this time, she is cheating on you.  Why would I lie to you, I am your best friend.  I know she is a slut, because two days ago I had my big, thick dick deep inside her and she told me about how Rob and his roommate were taking turns plowing her the previous night.  The whole time I was pounding her she kept going on about how much bigger my cock is and how much deeper it went than yours has ever been. I can’t believe what a whore she is, I mean imagine saying those things to her boyfriend’s best friend while he had his cock in her. It’s like she has no respect for you at all.” 

“She has fucked most of the guys on the team.  Her whoring around has really hurt your reputation as a man.  Everyone laughs at you behind your back, saying how oblivious you are.  Just last month when I was tag teaming her with Brian, he started to question your manhood.  I stood up for you, saying you were a man, but I am not sure he took me seriously.  That’s not the first time either, when Steve first joined the team last year he caught me fucking her, he commented that you must really be less than a man, to allow your girlfriend to fuck other guys on your bed.  Then right before we spit roasted her, she started telling him how you never satisfied her.  That’s probably why Steve has always talked down to you, right from the start he thought of you as less than a man.”

“So a couple of things, as your best friend I have been asked, by the team, to help you get your life together.   Your girlfriend is a lost cause.  Based upon the number of your friends she has sucked, fucked and stroked, you will never get her respect or theirs ever again.  So just stop pretending to be her boyfriend.  That will solve the problem of you whining about her.”

“Listening to your girlfriend described your sexual technique and the size of your penis, which we all know is small from the locker room, you will most likely never satisfy a woman.  So to solve the issue of how you have been letting the team down, we are going to change your role.  Instead of playing with the guys, the guys are going to start playing with you.  Since you cannot satisfy a women with your dick, you will satisfy men with your holes.”

“Your new role in life is going to start now.  Your best friend, me, is going to pop your ass cherry and fill you with a load of cum.  The roofies in your drink should have kicked in by now, so lets get you in position and pull down your pants.”  I stopped rubbing his shoulders and pushed down on them, forcing him into a bent over position, with his bubble but right at the level of my crotch.  “We need to hurry cause the rest of the team will be here in thirty minutes.” 

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