The guys in the frat told me I was only allowed jockstraps as underwear from now on.  They even went so far as to throw away all of my boxers.  I am forced to show any senior member of the frat my jock, whenever they ask.  They seem to ask mostly when I am talking to a hot sorority girl.  I don’t think they realize the effect this minor humiliation has on the girls I am talking to, it immediately makes me look inferior and ruins any chance I have of scoring.  I am sure if my bros knew, they would not intentionally cockblock me.  After all getting their members laid is one of the frats highest goals.  I overheard one of the senior guys telling some of the other pledges that they fully satisfied and would get access to tight ass all the time.

They still haven’t told me why I am the only pledge being singled out for this jockstrap hazing.  Whenever I ask, they tell me its a surprise and all will be revealed at the all campus kegger, happening at the end of the month.

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