On a deserted beach, there is only one reason for a guy to stand this close to his seated buddy.  He keeps his hand in the pocket of his shorts, slowly stroking his massive hard on.  Even though the scenery is spectacular Pete can’t help but stare at the growing mound in his buddies crotch.

The third guy, John, taking the pictures, smiles as he sees Steve take a step closer to their seated “friend”.  Pete’s head doesn’t move an inch as his view of the ocean is fully blocked by denim covered cock.  Pete involuntarily licks his lips as Steve slowly unzips his shorts.  John keeps snapping pics as Pete becomes the worlds newest cocksucker. 

Day one of spring break was going just as planned.  For the rest of the week, Steve and John would have Pete serve them in ever more degrading ways until he was nothing but a pair of holes in which to shoot a load of sperm.

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