We had grown up with each other and our families always took summer vacations together.  We would rent a house on a secluded island and spend the week. 

Pete and I would go off on our own (as who wanted to spend vacation with your parents).  Over the past year things had changed.  We were both growing older and sex was starting to take over all of our thoughts.  We would both get boners at the slightest bit of stimulation, a stiff wind or mention of the word “sex”.  Alone on the island, I knew I would never make it thru the week without being able to get off.  Pete and I could jerk off out here, where no one was around, but my horny, twisted mind was looking for something more.  

With just the two of us on the beach I decided it was time to exert my dominance over my best friend.  We started goofing around and wrestling.  In just our swimsuits, I could tell Pete had gotten a semi hard on from the feeling of our bodies rubbing against each other.  I was also semi hard, and this is the moment, I decided to change the nature of our friendship.  I sat on his back and started spanking his ass with one of his flip flops.  The sound of the loud smack, coupled with his whimpering made me harder than I had ever been before.  I told him that I would stop beating his ass, if he would kiss the tip of my cock.  He resisted, but after a few more minutes of ass smacks, he gave in and said he would kiss my meat if only I would stop hitting him.

He rolled over beneath me and I pulled down the front of my shorts.  I slide up his body, until my exposed crotch was directly over his chin.  Pushing my rock hard down to his lips, I told him to kiss it.  He looked up a me with pleading eyes, he begged me not to make him do this.  His reluctance only made me hornier.  My hands on the back of his head, I pulled upward until his mouth was only a quarter inch from my cock’s big mushroom head.  Staring down into my former best friends eyes, I told him sternly to pucker up and kiss it.  The feeling of power was amazing.  I couldn’t stop with just a kiss and soon I was forcing the head of my cock passed his lips and into his mouth.  His mouth was warm and wet.  It was the best feeling I could imagine.  Soon I was pumping in and out of Pete’s face.  After a few minutes Pete was tasting my cum.  Load after load squirting into his mouth.  I told him to swallow.

Breathing heavy, I rolled off of Pete and stood, towering over him.  He just looked up a me stunned that I could do this to him.  The hurt look on his face, got me hard again instantly.  I pulled him up to his knees and shoved my cock back into his mouth.  It was only a matter of time before he was swallowing another load of my jizz. 

By the end of our vacation Pete had swallowed countless loads and had his cherry popped.  His tight ass felt even better than his mouth.  Pete was shown that he was a cum dump for alpha males like myself and I learned that I enjoyed dominating weaker males for sexual pleasure.  Our friendship was over, but his servitude was only beginning.  I forced him to suck my cock and bend over every day for the rest of our high school careers. By senior year, I was starting to pimp him out to other guys at the school.

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