“Please Mike, I am sorry I fucked your drunk girlfriend.  It was a mistake, I’ll never do it again.  She is way out of my league, and it was wrong.  She deserves better.  You are obviously the better, and bigger, man.  Please don’t show anyone those photos.  I’ll do anything!”

Mike ignored me and continued to text on his phone, the same phone that now contained images of his cock pounding into my face.

“Anything, you piece of shit.  You raped my girlfriend, and you think a little cock sucking is going to make up for it?  Not even close, you are going to experience what she did, only ten times worse.  As you get raped, you will not be drunk, and it will not be once.”  “I just put up an ad for you on craiglist and something called BarebackRT.  The ad states that you are an aspiring whore with a gang bang rape fantasy.  It goes on to say that you want as many guys as possible to fuck you in the ass raw and fill you up with cum, while you pretend to be straight and unwilling, It has your address and several nice photos of you sucking my cock.” 

“Now bend over the couch, I am going to start you out, so that when the first guys respond to your ad they will find you open and ready.  Now this is going to hurt, you don’t get lube and my cock is massive.  Ready?”

“Noooo arghhh, ahaah, Pleeeease stoop, its to big, owww, ahaaa, your killing me, arghh, oh shit, oh god no, no, no,  stoppppp!”   Just as I bottomed out in his new cunt, the doorbell rang.  “Come on in, he’s open!”  “Hey look Pete, it’s some of the guys from the football team.”

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