What you are feeling right now is eleven inches of man meat, pushing into your crack.  Once I have pinned you and shown you who is the alpha male, you will follow me into the locker room, and get down on your knees.  I will feed you my cock, so you can get it wet.  Then you will be cunted.  My thick slab of beef will stretch out your ass and turn it into a fully functioning man cunt, made to take cock.  Then I will breed you, by shooting a load of cum deep inside your hole, lubing you up for the inevitable gang bang that the other wrestlers will initiate, once they have seen your gaping, cum filled cunt.

But for now, I want you to concentrate on the feeling of me on top of you, with my cock pressing against your ass, while all your teammates watch.  Imagine, what it will feel like to leave the locker room later tonight, with an stretched out hole overflowing with your teammates and friends jizz.

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