Woke up in the rival frat house tied up and stripped to my tightey whiteys.  Wasn’t really worried until frat president entered the room followed by the pledge class. The pledges were naked and boned up.  Most were slowly stroking themselves while looking down on me.  I knew at that moment that the respect and authority I had built up on campus over the past three years was about to be removed.  Neither I or my frat house would be top from now on.  I would lose a piece of my manhood as each slab of pledge meat entered my body.  When they were done I would be nothing more than a fucktoy for these junior frat members.  And once they shot inside me, they would be able to put me on my knees and jizz my guts at any point in the future.  I would service these pledges for the rest of my college career. 

The pledges grinned as they saw my cock get hard thinking about the gang bang that was about to begin.

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