No one can explain it, but somehow the rear of my underwear keeps ripping during our workouts.  Almost like someone was making a small hole that would expand as I stretched and flexed.  I have asked my teammates to help me figure it out.  Since the locker room is always secure and only me and my mates have access, it can’t be sabotage.  They suggested that it might be due to the way I wear them, maybe my hairy ass cheeks are wearing out that portion of my briefs quicker.  They offered to keep an eye on it for me.  So for the past two weeks, my teammates have been stopping me on the street and in empty hallways to shove their hands down the back of my shorts to see if the holes are still happening and if anything feels unusual.  Several times when checking the rips my teammates thick fingers have accidentally pushed too far and slipped into my straight ass, which is obviously awkward for both of us.  We try to get past the moment quickly, but for some reason, it is always harder to extricate the finger, than it was for it to slip in, and usually requires some twisting to allow the finger to get free.

In an effort to get to the bottom of the problem, my teammates suggested that I lose my shorts and work out in only my ripped briefs, to better allow them to see how the rips might be occurring.  These guys are great, and always willing to help out when they see a fellow jock in trouble.  Many of them huddling, whispering and pointing at my ass in an effort to come up with a plan while I worked out.  While I was doing my lunges, they seemed to have figured it out, based upon the excitement they were exhibiting.  As we were showering and getting dressed after working out, they informed me that they had a solution to take care of my holes.  They suggested that since it was Friday, they could come over to my apartment tonight and fill me in on the reason my underwear kept getting ripped.  As I pulled on my “assless” ripped jockeys, my teammates assured me they had a plan, but wanted one last feel to make sure they could make it work.  Knowing they only had my best interests at heart, I bent over to allow them to confirm their solution.  They lined up and one by one rubbed their rough, calloused hands over my exposed ass.  It took a while since each of them had a finger or two accidentally slip in my ass.  Knowing how bad having a digit deep in the hole of their straight teammate must make them feel, made me appreciate how far these guys would go to help me out.  I love the camaraderie I felt from being a part of this team and could not wait until they fixed my hole problem tonight.

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