As the ninth of his buddies stepped up behind him and lubed up his cock, Pete knew that he had been set up.  He was coming out of his daze and realized that the beers his “friends” had given him had been drugged. 

He knew his life had changed and that from this point forward he would always be the guy who took it up the ass.  He hated them for doing this to him, for cunting him and making him their bitch.  He hated them for dumping their warm, creamy loads of jizz inside of him.  He hated them for standing around watching, and laughing, as another one of his “friends” lined his cock up against his now gaping hole preparing to penetrate his recently virgin ass. 

He hated himself for pushing back and for letting out a small moan of pleasure as he slid his new cunt over his “friends” thick cock.

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