Steve, the rival teams quarterback cornered me in the showers after the game.  He caught me looking at his bulging, overstuffed jock in the locker room after the game.  There was nothing sexual in the look, It had just caught my eye.  Any guy would look at a rock hard 11″ slab of beef pushing the limits of his jock’s mesh pouch.  However since we were the last ones in the showers and he was horny, he forced the issue.  As I was trying to explain that I was straight, and that my girlfriend was waiting for me by the bleachers, he calmly twisted my arm behind my back and forced me to bend over.  He then raped me, using spit for lube, he rammed his over sized dick in my ass.   While I screamed and cried, he pounded my virgin ass as hard as possible, stretching out my tight hole to accommodate his girth.  After what seemed like hours he dumped a massive load inside me.  I could feel his meat twitching and spurting white hot cum deep in my bowels. As he pulled out I felt his load run out of my now gaping ass and down my thighs.  He gave me a slap on my left butt cheek, and walked out of the showers, without even glancing back at me.  I fell to my knees and tried to come to grips with what happened.  After about thirty minutes I had recovered enough to shower and get dressed.

I walked out of the locker room a changed person, I was no longer a tough, alpha male jock, the shower rape had changed that, for the rest of my life, I would know that another man had used me like a whore.

The stadium had emptied out and I was alone with my thoughts.  As I walked towards the exit, i heard some moaning from under the bleachers.  Quietly walking over I saw, deep in the shadows, my rapist fucking a cheerleader.  The girl was bent over with his fat cock sliding in and out of her cunt.  I started to go over and help her, as I thought he was raping another victim.  As I got closer, however, the girl moaned out, obviously in pleasure.  She then asked him to fuck her deeper.  She kept moaning and making statements about how good it felt.  I was dumbfounded, not only was she enjoying the same cock that had just changed my life, I knew the voice that was asking my rapist to “keep going”, telling him she was almost there.  It was my girlfriend!  The same girl, who kept telling me to go slow, because she was a virgin.  Telling me over and over that she wasn’t ready to let me fuck her.  That innocent girl was easily  taking his cock and loving it.  In less than an hour, the time it took me to recover from my first ass fuck, he had met my girlfriend and bent her over under the bleachers.  I had been dating her for six weeks and had not gotten as far as he had in 20 minutes. 

The worst part was I knew exactly what she was feeling, since that same 11″ cock had just been inside of me.  I was thinking that I had been bent over and fucked by the exact same guy.  The sound of the two of them climaxing, brought me back out of my thoughts and into the present.  I did not want to face my girlfriend at that moment, so I snuck out onto the field side of the bleachers, where they could not see me.  I heard her thank him and give him her number.  After a few minutes, He walked out onto the field and directly over to me.  His pants were pulled up but not zipped or buttoned.  His massive cock was still hard and sticking straight out.  A condom hung off his boner, about two inches of his cock was clad in rubber, while the other nine inches of condom were filled with white, creamy jizz.  As I was staring at his overfilled condom, he grabbed my shirt and ripped it off of my body in one quick move, at the same time pushing me to the ground. Then, while I lay on my back and looked up between his legs, he pulled off the condom and dropped it on my face.  His load splashed out and ran across my cheek.  He then used my tee shirt to wipe himself clean.

He looked down into my eyes as he forced his still hard cock into the stretched out pouch of his jeans.  As he zipped up he started talking.  “Thanks for having your girlfriend waiting, She was a good, fun fuck.  I plan on getting together with her a lot in the near future.  A hot cheerleader who puts out and actually enjoys a real man’s cock is a great find.  Bet she gives good head too.  Don’t worry, I will satisfy her needs and desires… since you obviously cannot.”  Without another word, he turned and headed for the exit.  Just before he got out of sight he paused and made a final statement  “If it makes you feel any better, your cunt was tighter than hers.  Of course you were a virgin, while your girlfriend has been fucked by half the guys in my school.”

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