That’s right bitch, smile for the camera.  I want to send this image to a couple of your teammates.  I plan on taking your fag training a little further, by selling your ass like a whore.  So far you have only serviced me and a couple of my friends.  It’s time for you to come out and let everyone you know that you crave cum.  Think your teammates will pay five dollars to be able to fuck you as hard as they want, dumping their jizz in your cunt?

Mmmmhghmmmh!  Pleaghhh Dohgghhht Tehhhhhhl!

What’s that, I cant understand you with a mouth full of meat.  It sounded like you can’t wait for your friends to find out what you are?

Mmmghmm, nooghh,  noghh, mmmmghhh!

You like the idea of your teammate’s walking in to find you bent over with a big, fat cock in your ass?  Do you think that they will be shocked, or do most of them already suspect you are a fag?  More importantly, Which of them will want to use you for their pleasure.  You are about to become a hole for hire!

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