Pete always made sure to park at the far end of the rest stop, with his passenger door facing the parked semi’s.  He would then slowly change into shorts, making sure to bend over with his tightey whitey clad ass on full display. 

When he then took a “walk” into the woods adjacent to the rest stop, he was sure to have a couple of horny truckers follow.  Usually the first trucker would rip a hole in the underwear and slam his cock into Pete, rather than pulling the underwear down. 

The sight of his ass still clad in white, with trucker cum dripping from his hole, always seemed to bring out the roughest, most forceful fucks from the men getting sloppy seconds, and thirds, and fourths and fifths.

Pete loved driving home with ripped underwear and the cum of multiple random truck drivers dripping out of his well used cunt.

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