See Pete, like I told you last night, as I was taking your ass cherry, your hot girlfriend deserves a real man to satisfy her, not a cum hungry fag like you.  She is obviously craving the same thick cock you had pounding your tight boy-cunt over and over for hours yesterday.   

I like the idea of you knowing, that in five minutes, I will be slipping inside of her.  We are heading up to my room now.  Since we have adjoining rooms, perhaps you can put your ear against the wall and listen.  You can jerk yourself off picturing my meat inside of her, making her feel pleasure in ways you never could.  Finger your new boy-cunt, as you listen to the headboard banging against the wall.  Knowing that if you were a real man, you could be the one making her orgasm, instead of the fag who will be sucking my loads out of the used condoms we create.

I hope you enjoy yourself alone in your room, listening to me fuck your girlfriend.  Listening to her moan and scream with pleasure as I show her what she has been missing dating a fag like you. I will be in the next room knowing you are listening and knowing you are picturing yourself in her place, not mine.

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