In every group of alpha male athletes, there is always one guy who seems to end up on his knees more often than not.  That guy is a beta male pretending to be more of a man than he really is. 

Often, as in the photo above, the teammates will find themselves horny and naked in the showers and the beta will be there on his knees.  This will lead to some joking around, some semi-chubbed up boners, a little slap ass (no homo) and eventually someone’s cock in the beta’s mouth. 

Once his lips have slipped over the shaft of a teammate’s meat, he will be used like a drunken cheerleader on prom night.  All nine of his teammates will dump loads of jizz in his mouth or his new cunt.  From that point forward all of the beta’s time will be on his knees or bent over a bench.

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