It’s been a week since I last bent you over and fucked a load into your tight wrestler’s ass.  I am guessing that your cunt has been itching for the past seven days.  Needing a cock to stretch it out and rub away the itch.  Today is your lucky day, because you will soon get all the cock you can handle.  Look around the room, all your teammates are here.  They are all watching your match, seeing how you compete.

Its time for you to come out and show them the cock hungry, cum dump you have become. During our match, I will visibly finger your cunt, I will make you hard.  It will be obvious to your teammates, that my aggressive treatment of your ass, combined with your hands sliding over my sweaty, hairy body gives you a boner.  Our match will go on and I will continue to finger you, while your teammates watch.  Then when I pin you, with my crotch in your face and your raging hard on visibly stretching your singlet, you will cum.   

Since ours is the last match of the night, you will go directly from the mat to the locker room.  I am guessing your teammates will want to “talk” about the match with you.  If you answers their questions properly, I am guessing each of your mates will volunteer to help you with your itchy cunt.

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