As he was driving alone, he found a truck stop deep in the woods.  He entered the truck stop toilet and found three bears relieving themselves.  They all turned around slowly and watched as he walked up to the only remaining open urinal.  With their pants still bunched up around the ankles of their hairy legs, they slowly surrounded him.  “My, what a nice ass you have”

As the first bear ripped down his shorts, bent him over and raped him, he knew that the twelve inch slab of meat stretching out his tight virgin hole was TOO BIG.  It hurt him badly as that cock forced its way into him over and over, cunting him fully. The load of cum deposited deep in his ass was overwhelming, it dripped down his thighs and formed a pool on the floor under him.

The second cock to enter him that day, slid into his now gaping cunt with no problem.  The copius amounts of jizz deposited by the first bear, lubed the second bears entry.  However this cock was only 7″ long, a little more than half the size of the of the cunt buster that took his virginity. He could barely feel it as the junior bears dick took the first few stokes inside.  This cock was just TOO SMALL.  The junior bear made up for his lack of size by fucking excessively hard.  He picked up speed and was soon pulling fully out on each stroke, then punching his way in forcefully.  He fucked for forty five minutes, moving him around the bathroom.  He was fucked bent over the sink, in a stall, thru a glory hole and stretched out on the filthy floor.  When he finally came his hole was too sore to even feel it.

As he lay on the floor panting from exertion, his once virgin hole now fully broken in, he looked up at the third of the bears.  With a backwards baseball cap and a scruffy beard, the third bear looked down at him with dark brown eyes.  From his position on the floor he could clearly see the bear’s thick nine and a half inch cock proudly emerging from a thick set of pubes.  He noted that the cock curved slightly to the right and was slightly thicker just below the huge mushroom head. Unconsciously he licked his lips as he gazed upon his stud.  The bear reached down and helped the well used guy to his knees.  Once there he slid his perfect cock into his mouth.  The bear sighed contentedly as his cock was sucked.  After about ten minutes the spit coated cock was removed from his mouth and placed gently between his ass cheeks.  Slowly pushing forward, the third cock of the day entered his asshole.  He could feel the thickness of the cock stretching his abused hole slightly, but it felt good.  As it went past the big head rubbed against his prostate, causing him to moan with pleasure.  As the thick mound of pubic hair mashed against him, he knew the cock was in him fully.  It felt different than the first two cocks, he felt pleasantly full.  This cock fit his cunt JUST RIGHT.  As the third bear started fucking him slowly, everything felt good.  Even though he was an unwilling participant in the first part of this rape, he knew that could not be said of him now.  As he pushed back on the cock inside him, he knew he would be seeking out this feeling again.  He would be stopping at every truck stop from now on to get strangers to fuck him.  The third bear came in his ass, just like the first two bears.

Each of the bears took another turn, churning the cum in his ass to a frothy mix of bear jizz.  They left him on the floor of that toilet, sore, exhausted and covered with cum.  But he had a smile on his face, and the glazed look of a satisfied cum whore.

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