Snuck down to the glory hole to cure the itch in his ass.  Lately his visits have become more frequent.  He finds the only way to stop the itch is to have strange men ram their cocks into him thru a plywood partition.  This allows him to remain a straight guy in his mind, he can rationalize that he is not attracted to men he simply needs some hard flesh rubbing against the inside of his ass to stop the persistent itch.

Tonight will be his last visit here as a “straight guy”.  Several of his friends saw him come into the bookstore.  They followed him in expecting to give him a hard time about needing to watch porn instead of getting a girl.  Instead they found several guys waiting in line next to the booth he went into.  As it slowly dawned on them what their friend was doing, they joined the line.  

The above picture was taken by his best friend over the door of the stall.  He was so wrapped up in the feeling of a 10″ cock sliding into his cum filled hole he never realized the picture was taken.  

When he got back to the dorm that night, his friends showed him the picture.  They also informed him that the 10″ cock in his ass belonged to his roommate.  He spent the rest of the semester being gang banged daily, which did cure the original itch problem.

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