You have been discretely checking out your roommate for several months.  He does not know you are a fag and lust after him.  Tonight is the first time you have been drunk enough to relax your inhibitions and feel him up after he passed out.  You know its wrong, but you rationalize that the opportunity may never happen again and you just want to know what his massive meat feels like.

What you don’t know is that your roommate does know you are a fag.  He also knows that you are not enough of a man to come out and ask to service his ten inch cock.  So tonight he pretended to get drunk and pass out.  As soon as you place your hand on his junk, your other two roommates pop out of the closet and snap pictures of you feeling up your roomie. 

Now that they have proof, they use the photos to blackmail you.  They tell you that they will post the photos online stating that you molested your poor straight roommate, unless you do what they tell you to do.  You start by sucking their dicks.  They also photograph this. Then they fuck your virgin ass, and take more pictures. Each time they force you to do more and more, taking shots every step of the way.  The three of them fuck you again, then spit roast you.  By the end of the weekend you are being double-dicked by your roommates.  By the end of the week you are being whored out to random guys on campus.

They no longer need the photos, as you have become a cock crazed, cum whore.  They take the pictures anyways.

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