“OK men, here at the military academy we have found that on average one in eight of you are gay and that one in three of those are cum hungry, faggot cunts.  Based upon these odds at least one of you will be taking it up the ass on a regular basis from all of your classmates. If you are gay, no problem, we treat all men the same, no questions asked.  If you are the cum hole, you will be identified, bent over and broken in.  It is best to get this out of the way, here on the first day.  The fag, amongst you, will not have to worry about being discovered, since everyone will know and the rest of you can use the fag to release stress and empty your balls.”

“We have found identifying the fag to be a fairly easy procedure, which is why you are all standing here with your shorts pulled down.  The first step in identifying the fag is to describe how the rest of you men will bend the fag over in the showers and rape his ass, how the fag will be used at all hours and will have his ass stretched out and fucked hard.   The fag will imagine all these big, thick cocks around him ramming into his cunt over and over, dumping loads of hot, creamy jizz deep in his guts.”

“By now the cum hungry, cock whore will have a raging hard on imagining the rest of you running a train on him.  So step two in the process is to have everyone look at cock of the man next to you and see if he has identified himself as a cum dump.”

Steve looked to his right and saw the tell tale sign.  “Sir, Pete has a boner, sir!”

“Very good private, you have correctly called out Pete as the future cum dump for the platoon.  Since you have identified Pete as a hole to be used, you get to take his virgin ass”  The Sergent tossed Steve a very large tub of Vaseline.  “Ali right privates, form a line behind Steve.”    

“Pete, since your shorts are already pulled down, all you need to do is bend over and enjoy the dick.”

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