A group photo of the exhibition rugby team that visited the school last week.  You pinned it up over your bed to remind you of the good times.  Your roommate looks at it and remembers a wild weekend of drinking and hanging out.  He comments that they were a great group of guys. 

What your roommate does not know is that after he passed out, you let these men run a train on your ass.  You look at the same photo and remember the feeling of thick cocks twitching and swelling as they dump load after load of ball juice into your hole.  You remember the guy in the green towel had a massive 11″ slab of cock and that he used your ass three times and your mouth twice.  You also remember that his orgasms were massive, flooding your cunt like a firehose.  You just nod and agree with your roommate that they were a great group of guys.

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