“Dude your hole still looks normal.  I thought that after the fucking you received last night, it would look different.  I mean seven guys using you like a whore, should change you.  I still cant believe you are a cock hungry fag, I mean we grew up together.  Oh well, we can make up for lost time.  Bend over!  Yeah that’s nice, you are still full of everyone’s cum.  Its all warm and slick in your ass.”

When Billy came home from his freshmen year in college and his high school buddies found out the college football team had been fucking him on a regular basis, they decided to put his cunt to the test.  So when Billy’s parents went out of town for the weekend, they arranged a party, with Billy as the entertainment.  His former friends took turns ramming their cocks into Billy, fucking as hard as they could.  They filled Billy’s ass up until it was overflowing with jizz.

Billy spent the rest of the summer taking his high school buddies cocks, He was pounded full of meat in every part of his hometown.  He stopped wearing underwear, to give the guys better access to his cunt.  When he returned to college in the fall he had some new tricks to show the football team.

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