Was bored on a Saturday afternoon, driving around looking for excitement.  Found this piece of trash walking along the old river road.  Quickly pulled over, and after a minor struggle, got him down on his hands and knees and hogtied him.  Threw him in the bed of my pickup and took him to the old farm.  Called some buddies of mine and told them I had the weekend’s entertainment lined up. 

We pulled him out of the truck and stripped off his Wranglers and tighty whities, bent him over a hay bale and proceeded to fuck the shit out of him.  Over the next two days he must have taken twenty five to thirty loads of thick, creamy jizz in his poor virgin ass.

By Sunday afternoon his cunt made wet slurping sounds as each cock penetrated him.  Every time you pushed in, frothy white cum would be forced out.  it was dripping down his pale white thighs in continuous trails.  We no longer had to keep his mouth full of rigid meat to prevent the screams from escaping.  The worst noise he made now was a low moan when you rammed in full depth.

We pulled his underwear and tight jeans up onto that well used, cum covered ass.  We then ripped a hole in them and gave him one more round of fucking while he was fully dressed.  The hole in his jeans was about six inches in diameter with ragged edges allowing full visibility of his gaping cunt.  His crusty, cum covered, swollen, red lips completed the effect.  Now that he properly looked the part of cum whore, we dropped him off at the truck stop on route one, so he could continue his training.

As we drove away, we could see the lines of truckers forming at both ends.

Weekend turned out better than expected.

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